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Launch of the Journal of Medical Device Regulation

London, 5 February 2005 -- Editor Victoria Clark announces the launch of a new medical device regulatory journal, the Journal of Medical Device Regulation. The Journal is published by Global Regulatory Press, London, UK, and features an all-professional editorial board with members from medical device authorities, industries and academic institutions.

"The mission of this Journal is to publish peer-reviewed articles which contribute to discussions within the community and to offer resourceful guidance on the interpretation and impact of current and new regulatory and compliance issues", says Miss Clark. "The Journal has an independent editorial policy and board. The aim of the Journal is to deepen understanding of issues facing the international medical device industry by providing factual information and opinions from professionals of the medical device industry."

The Journal of Medical Device Regulation, with four issues per year, will invite articles from a wide range of specialists world-wide which address regulatory issues from regulatory, legal and economic perspectives. A strict editorial process will ensure that articles meet high standards in terms of factual rigour.

Articles in the first issue of the Journal include:

  • Positioning Medical Devices When Reimbursement is Not an Option by Nancy L Reaven
  • Nanotechnology and Product Liability Issues by Jason Bright
  • 21 CFR Part 11: Catching Up with the Past by Victoria Lander
  • In Vitro Diagnostics: the Grey Areas of Directive 98/79/EC by Sandra King
  • To E-Label or Not to E-Label; That is the Question by Charles Sidebottom
  • ISO 13485 for the Medical Device Industry by Paul Sim

For more information on the Journal of Medical Device Regulation please contact Victoria Clark at Global Regulatory Press, phone number +44 (0)1305 770836 or visit the Global Regulatory Press website at

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