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Author guidelines for the Journal of Medical Device Regulation

When preparing an article for regulatory publishing in the Journal of Medical Device Regulation, please ensure that you follow the guidelines set out below. We do accept unsolicited articles, Letters to the Editor or reference charts, but we recommend that you submit a short synopsis first. The Journal cannot guarantee publication of any regulatory and legislative affairs material submitted.

Content and style

  • Articles should be original material and be current and educational in nature.
  • Articles should be written in a clear and concise manner using headings, bullet points, tables and figures where necessary.
  • An abstract or summary of approximately 250 words should be provided with each article.
  • A short biography of about 50 words should be provided for each author of an article.
  • Authors are responsible for all statements in their work and for obtaining permission to use any previously published tables and figures. Authors will be asked to sign a copyright waiver form for the article before it is published.
  • Any abbreviations should be defined in full the first time they are used followed by the abbreviation in parentheses.
  • References should be provided at the end of the article and numbered sequentially. Please do not use codes that place references at the bottom of each page or reference managing programmes to create reference lists.


The following word counts may be used as a guide. Topics that require extended coverage can be submitted as a series (e.g. Part 1, Part 2).

Editorial2000 words
Focus article4000 words
News update1000 words
Meeting report1000 words
Case study2000 words


Articles will be edited for style, content, grammar and punctuation. Authors will be sent a copy of the edited article for review prior to publication. Authors will also be asked to sign a copyright transfer form.

Submission procedure

Ideally, articles should be sent by email as an attachment to


The Journal of Medical Device Regulation is only available in electronic format. You will automatically receive a PDF copy of the issue in which your article appears for your own personal reference. You may purchase article reprints or additional copies of the Journal once it has been published.


1.    We are not able to pay for articles that we publish.

2.    In the past, Global Regulatory Press has occasionally relaxed its copyright rules to permit authors to post a PDF reprint of their article on their company website. As of July 2012 our copyright rules will be applied strictly and future authors will no longer be able to post a PDF reprint of their article on their company website.

3.    We may be able to offer compensation to authors for their time and effort in the form of advertising within the Journal. Please discuss this possibility at the time of submission.